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A Club especially for you, our valuable client, that introduces fun, excitement and innovative ideas, most of it in real time, through the exploration and provision of winning and exclusive lifestyle choices. Our unique offering is a remote land-based casino concept experienced in the online casino environment. All promotions are by invitation only and you will be emailed directly with these offers.

Your wagering during specific intervals isn’t only presenting you with a chance to win on those hot slots, but also qualifies you for promotional interventions. And, there are no delays if you are a winner as you’ll get notified immediately. That brings us to the purpose of this online program, a real place where you connect with the VIP Team making your online experience tangible. At a glance you will know what is on right now and in the future making it possible for you to organize your entertainment.

Bang for your Buck!

$110,893,177.56 payouts in just 24 days is breaking the previous month to date records. Will we reach a phenomenal $138 Million by the end of May?

That is not the only record breaker right now that is in your favour. How spoilt are you that we have some launch offers on the new superhot Slot “Traces of Evidence”? This game has since the launch barely two weeks ago, recorded $ 11,952,719.43 in winnings.

Be prepared for the long weekend more chances to win, more fun up our sleeves, but we are keeping our cards close to our hearts. Watch out for those emails or ask Support any time “what’s on” if you prefer.

The $8000 Memorial Day Long Weekend Leaderboard has kicked off. It ends the day after your holiday, so you have enough time to give it your best.

American Greetings Memorial Day E card surprise valid for May 25! Check your e mail inbox

Collect 40 Gift baskets or vouchers by Playing and celebrating the long weekend from Thursday to Monday evening between 2pm EDT and 12pm EDT.

For more information we will be posting all details on your own dedicated website www.executivevipprogram.com where you will also be able to track your LeaderBoard ranking.


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The Vault

  • bolo66 from Oklahoma won a wonderful Gift Basket
  • jones from Ohio won a wonderful Dinner Voucher
  • jacintababy from Maryland won a wonderful Dinner Voucher
  • SJN123 from New York won a wonderful Gift Basket
  • Wadman from Tennessee won a wonderful Amazon Gift Voucher
  • Angelifhope from California won a lovely Dinner Voucher
  • Martimandi from Tennessee won a lovely Dinner Voucher
  • Cam from Florida won a lovely Amazon Voucher
  • D118 from Texas won a lovely Amazon Voucher
  • holly from Colorado won a wonderful Amazon Gift Voucher
March TOTAL WINNINGS: $127,840,114.97 

April TOTAL WINNINGS: $118,910,705.43 

May TOTAL WINNINGS $110,893,177.56

These are the Grand Champion winners of the $6000 QUICKBANG Leaderboard, Congratulations on your fabulous victory!!!  Come through to live support to claim your prize.

  • Klscotty
  • Golf476
  • Aquitania
  • Dee2010
  • Dixiescout
  • Linda831
  • Aannggiiee
  • Tazzie
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  • danielmtnd has hit our Dream Wheel progressive video slot game taking $81,361.67 after placing a $3.75
  • TonyMrCool has hit our Legends Of Avalon progressive video slot game twice in 20 days for a whopping  $148 214.67
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Our five hottest games for the week:

  • Traces of Evidence Video Slot
  • Gems n Jewels Video Slot
  • Wild Berry Video Slot
  • Sweet Success Video Slot
  • Tanzakura Video Slot
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New Game “Traces of Evidence”

Best Tip:

GemsNJewel has been consistently hot over the last couple of weeks, get your share of the action. Think of all the shoes you can buy 👠 👢 👡”

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