Congratulations to danielmtnd

He just won $81,698.92 on Dream Wheel Progressive Jackpot this week after placing a $3.75 bet. It’s his 3rd Jackpot Win to date!!

Our TIP when you play our Progressive Jackpots:

Always play max lines and place a max bet if you want to win the BIG money!

Progressive Jackpot Winners that broke the $100,000 mark:

Mark W won an astonishing $184 000 on our DreamWheel Video Slot with a $75 deposit.

His record was closely contended by the following winners:

  • C Hadden came closest with $180 578 on DreamWheel Video Slot.
  • Esposito won $142 934 on Legends of Avalon.
  • C Richardson won $130 919, also on Legends of Avalon.
  • D DeBerardinis won $104 790 on Legends of Avalon.

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  • Hecman from California won a wonderful Gift Basket
  • nita2017 from Maryland won a wonderful Dinner Voucher
  • Deb428 from California won a wonderful Gift Basket
  • Mamadia from Pennsylvania won a wonderful Amazon Voucher
  • Birdman24 from Colorado won a wonderful Gift Basket
  • randy15 from Texas won a wonderful Amazon Voucher
  • slbest70 from Oklahoma won a wonderful Gift Basket
  • bax from Carlifonia won a wonderful Amazon Voucher
  • BAMARAGE1 from Virginia won a wonderful Gift Basket
  • ANGIE914 from South Carolina won a wonderful Amazon Voucher
February TOTAL WINNINGS: $106,203,987.41

March TOTAL WINNINGS: $127,840,114.97 

April to date winnings: $72,198,589.46

Biggest winners:

  • zaza911 from Czech Republic won $76,756.14 on Wild Wizards Slot
  • billy999 from New Jersey won $ 37,700.00 on Three Card Poker Elite
  • bts from Texas won $26,189.31 on Cash Flow Video Slot
  • kimm from New Jersey won $20,00.00 on JacksOrBetterVideoPoker
  • bayliner from Texas won $20,000.00 on Triple Double Bonus Poker
  • bakerno1 from California won $19,000.00 on Super Keno
  • juls  from New Mexic won $16,555.00 on Wild Berry Slot
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THE VAULT LOOTERS – $10,000.00 GONE!! 

  • Cruzjoker
  • Robby
  • juls
  • kitty2011
  • JerryMac
  • MD
  • Jeeem
  • hecman
  • jd
  • no1devil
  • allie
  • Jackpot
  • candy8600
  • bayboy
  • marge2013
  • jo77
  • katoon
  • Dee2010
  • B0bbie
  • sunshine
  • bets
The Vault

  • danielmtnd has hit our Dream Wheel progressive video slot game taking $81,361.67 after placing a $3.75
  • TonyMrCool has hit our Legends Of Avalon progressive video slot game twice in 20 days for a whopping  $148 214.67
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Our five hottest games for the week:

  • Tanzakura video slot
  • WildBerry video slot
  • Gems n Jewels video slot
  • Big Game Video Slot
  • Sweet Success Video Slot
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New game coming soon…

Best Tip:

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