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Freebies does have max cash in implications as a rule. Just imagine if everybody was winning of Freebies, and cashing in, with little depositing? Would you think the casino would be able to exist?

I come from land-based casinos originally and then many global online casinos right across the globe. It is the same, land based has lots of overheads that need to be paid and therefore winning % is lower.

Please remember, I don’t work directly for Grand Eagle but rather I am a consultant that drives the ExecutiveVIPPlatform that represents 18 different casinos. My aim is somewhat different. I look at means and ways for you to get the best.

Therefore, I create ways for you to win irrespective of a max cash in rule on Freebies.

For example, Freebies add to wagering. Wagering in turn adds to loyalty points. Wagering determines your position on LeaderBoards, which if you win you receive cash related incentives. You play for longer and you stand more chances to win more draw related promotions. Loyalty points may even be redeemed for trips like the Bahamas. (I had 1 lucky client do this just this very week).

Winning of Cash is the best if you are all out to just win!

Many of my clients prefer a mix between winning and having fun by playing for longer.

My advice to you is if you win of a deposit your winnings is 100% yours. Keep on depositing because with the winning ratio as it is chances for winning of cash is higher than previously.

More bounce for your ounce!

We ended with a fantastic $197 Million for July and have kicked of the month of August with $106 Million winnings in just 19 days of the new month. We are chasing $200 Million winnings for end August, which is why you are finding all the generous offers day in and day out. The more you win the happier we are that we are getting closer to that $200 Million.

10 000 Cash Vault Wednesday August 22nd! If you are lucky to be drawn you will know all about it. Look out for those emails from Hein@executivevipprogram.com

$10 000 Bonus Bonanza Thursday August 23rd! If you are lucky to be drawn you will know all about it. Look out for those emails from Gwen@executivevipprogram.com


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BONUS BONANZA DROP August 16th $10 000 GONE!

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June TOTAL WINNINGS: $184,611,103.46

July TOTAL WINNINGS: $197,048,310.52

August TOTAL WINNINGS: $106,130,052.69

Congratulations to the winners of “Where in the world is Hein competition”, well done lovely people!!!

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  • queen13 from Carlifonia  won a lovely Gift basket
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  • yorish from Nebraska won a lovely Gift basket
  • ladybird from Oklahoma won a lovely Dinner voucher
  • ezduzit from California won a lovely Amazon gift voucher
  • soco25 from Massachusetts  won a lovely Gift basket
  • blondie2u2 from Michigan won a lovely Dinner voucher
  • Cjk2012 from Texas won a lovely Amazon gift voucher

Our five hottest games for the week:

  • Chakras Video Slot
  • Big Game Video Slot
  • Golden Gorilla Video Slot
  • Vikingdom  Video Slot
  • Traces of Evidence Video Slot
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New Games Launched thus far!

  • Misfit Toyland
  • Alien Spinvasion
  • 5-Reel Circus
  • Wishing Cup
  • Windy Farm
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