Congratulations to DELFINA (from Nebraska), she is winner of the Slots World Cup lucky draw and has won a Trip to one of the Eight stunning locations on offer. After careful consideration, she has chosen to go to France. Bon Voyage DELFINA and enjoy!!

Congratulations to LibraScale (from New York), She won the 1st Prize in our Friday the 13th lucky draw promotion and wins a Private VIP Experience for 4 People, including flights, accommodation and Theme Park VIP experience for 2 nights.

Congratulations to Cstu8276, Emalani, Mpunmit928, Jshutte, raaaleee, shimsham, RoadRunner77, stephaniem, maryjaneb, RollingStone60, orenpill, C!ndyCEE. They are our Friday the 13th lucky draw prizes winners of a Horror Survival Kit comprising of 13 of the scariest DVD movies ever made; gourmet popcorn; chocolates; candy and a flashlight for when the lights go out…

Welcome to the Club!

A Club especially for you, our valuable client, that introduces fun, excitement and innovative ideas, most of it in real time, through the exploration and provision of winning and exclusive lifestyle choices. Our unique offering is a remote land-based casino concept experienced in the online casino environment. All promotions are by invitation only and you will be emailed directly with these offers.

Your wagering during specific intervals isn’t only presenting you with a chance to win on those hot slots, but also qualifies you for promotional interventions. And, there are no delays if you are a winner as you’ll get notified immediately. That brings us to the purpose of this online program, a real place where you connect with the VIP Team making your online experience tangible. At a glance you will know what is on right now and in the future making it possible for you to organize your entertainment.

Bang for your Buck!

We ended with a fantastic $184,611,103.46 for June. With our winnings hitting $107 Million for this month you are guaranteed to have a whale of a time, why wait, login now and spin your way to your share of the massive wins.

$10 000 Bonus Bonanza Thursday! If you are lucky to be drawn you will know all about it. Look out for those emails from

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  • Zorina
  • bdneu23
  • Erie Bryan
  • Bev80108
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  • kevinasiglar79
  • jlj0166
  • toadgolf
  • Ryner51
  • Bry8019
  • browlz05
  • jkgreen
  • da_mom
  • Mae
  • wildmike
  • Gingone
  • ANGIE914
  • Moron
  • Berdetta
  • lucy
  • bootleggers
  • coley527
  • ladybug5nc
  • bestbet5
  • patmar
  • Martyruss
  • cam
  • amcneelbaseball
  • ahtonsister
  • Kern
  • mnkate
  • M4rci
  • Pancha2010
  • EasyE
  • Bry961
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  • Tberg
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  • Emalani
  • galran
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  • crusty
  • Colorado West
  • bigmax2012
  • sudsy
  • mrsrich
  • bahamamama3
  • Woody28
  • aqua55
  • ED44332
  • Mpunmit928
  • RIDER63
  • JPrz13
  • antqlvr
  • rbiggsm
  • bb15am
  • Debster
The Vault
May TOTAL WINNINGS: $143,813,234.78

June TOTAL WINNINGS: $184,611,103.46

July TOTAL WINNINGS: $107,807,727.32

Congratulations to the ultimate Champions of the $8 000 Independence Day Leaderboard, well done!!!

  • Jenny2012
  • Dixiescout
  • Nino
  • Jd
  • Aquitania
  • Kim
  • Evers123
  • Jo2014
  • Bahamamama3
  • Ed44332
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  • queen13 from Carlifonia  won a lovely Gift basket
  • lucky7 from Georgia won a lovely Gift basket
  • yorish from Nebraska won a lovely Gift basket
  • ladybird from Oklahoma won a lovely Dinner voucher
  • ezduzit from California won a lovely Amazon gift voucher
  • soco25 from Massachusetts  won a lovely Gift basket
  • blondie2u2 from Michigan won a lovely Dinner voucher
  • Cjk2012 from Texas won a lovely Amazon gift voucher

Our five hottest games for the week:

  • Vikingdom Video Slot
  • Big Game Video Slot
  • Gems N Jewels Video Slot
  • Vintage Vegas Video Slot
  • Golden Gorilla Video Slot
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New Games Launched thus far!

  • Misfit Toyland
  • Alien Spinvasion
  • 5-Reel Circus
  • Wishing Cup
  • Windy Farm
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